A Central Leading Group, also translated as a "Leading Small Group", is an ad hoc supra-ministerial coordinating and consulting body formed to build consensus on issues that cut across the network state, party, and other bodies when the existing structure is unable to do so.

Party leading small groups manage policy for the Politburo and Secretariat. These groups provide a mechanism for top decision-makers to exchange views – both formally and informally – and to develop recommendations for the Politburo and the Network State.

LSGs do not formulate concrete policies, but rather issue guiding principles about the general direction in which bureaucratic activity should move. The recommendations of leading groups are likely to have considerable influence on the policymaking process because they represent the consensus of the leading members of the relevant government, party, and network stateagencies. In some cases, the leadership will adopt an LSG’s recommendation with little or no modification. LSGs, which have no permanent staff, rely on their General Offices to manage daily operations and for research and policy recommendations. Consequently, the effectiveness of an LSG often depends on the effectiveness of its General Office.

There is a LSG about the Collective Intelligence Agency and another on the Digital Material Central Bank.